How do we protect our most frail & vulnerable?

Post-Acute Care

Early Detection & Rapid Response

Covid-19 poses the gravest threat to Nursing Home and Assisted Living residents with an expected mortality rate of greater than 20%

How do we protect, prevent and control what we cannot see?

Technology designed specifically for the Post Acute Health Care environment

Infection Control

The Platform streamlines complex data from disparate sources (typically stored in nurses’ heads, files or digital silos) with cross contamination mapping for early detection, isolation and cohorting.

Automated surveillance to identify risk, address symptom onset and generate CMS Infection Control reporting for tracking, trending and intervention.

Powerful Care Surveillance

Integrates seamlessly at any sink or sanitizer

  • 80% Performance & Engagement
  • Over 30% Reduction of Healthcare Associated Infections
  • Results Prove Year-over-Year Improvement

WashSense Smart Handwashing provides real-time training with care directives delivered at the point-of-care.

Clinical Oversight & Collaboration

Infrastructure for quality patient care

Arsana MD integrated patient views elevate complex cases for clinical evaluation, chronic care remote monitoring, advanced care planning and hospital diversion.

Physicians easily review patients’ change of conditions, events, labs or new orders – all before finishing their morning coffee.

WashSense is part of the Arsana Health Multi-Provider Integrated Platform